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Privacy concerns’ are everywhere. Companies are tracking your email openings, clicks, cursor moves, more and more. Then sell it!

They will never know who you are anymore.


Newsletters stay unopened most of the times and people can’t read each newsletter when it arrives. You may miss important newsletters.

By giving a like to a newsletter, you can make other people aware of good contents.

Phishing Proof

People often receive phishing emails on behalf of reputable companies. Your email service provider may show you these emails and you may become a phishing victim.

You will never see phishing emails here.

GDPR Proof

Companies can’t get in touch with you without your consent anywhere on the World. However, there is no single platform to manage this.

You take the control and decide to get notified or not, it’s in your control.

Global Warming

Traditional emails are spread out all over the network and more than 300 billions of emails sent and received everyday.

You help the world to heal itself when you stop receiving anymore newsletter in your inbox.

Reputation Protection

Businesses are often targeted by attackers and customers become victim. It damages the businesses’ reputation.

Don’t let attackers to make you feel bad, engage with your customers here securely.

New Era Begins

Email is the simplest communication tool over the last 40 years. However; people change, habits change, the world changes, and everything changes. We are in the age of optimizing everything for a sustainable world. Therefore, we optimize email newsletters and make it eco-friendly, user-friendly on a social platform which you will love it!

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Only good contents...

So far people are not able to hear good contents through emails. Because they can not subscribe everything and read them on time. When you read a newsletter here and if it really has good contents, give a like! Then you will make other people aware of good contents. It’s a win-win!

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Eliminating Threats

Spam/Scam/Phishing threats are sophisticated attacks with stolen data from companies. Service providers are working hard to protect people from malicious emails, text messages, and calls. However, attackers always find a way to steal something from people either data or money through these channels. We eliminate the threat in this new era and brings safe and sound engagement experience to both consumers and publishers.

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Single and Simple

These days all businesses build their own platforms, mobile app and try to gain users. However, we people are customers, followers of hundreds of businesses and we can not install their apps or visit their websites always. Even if we install mobile apps, we people often tend to uninstall it after a while. Therefore, this new, single, and simple channel will make it easy for businesses to reach us as long as we allow them to communicate with us. This is simply what we needed for years, right?

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Do you have a business ?

Businesses often use emails to get in touch with their customers. However, email marketing is dead. People hate dealing with emails in their inbox, 75% of emails stay unread, 15% of emails drop in spam folder. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Learn More

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Start reading any newsletter

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