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Why you should replace your marketing strategy ?


According to the researches in average, 75% of emails stay unopened and 15% of emails drop in spam folder. Sending email more frequently isn’t helpful as well.

Not Time Sensitive

Often newsletters are within a week and it makes time sensitive marketing announcements hard. When people read the newsletters, generally it was already over.


Attackers often steal data from your business and communicate with your customers. Your customers receive a phishing email with a personalized convincing details, then they become a phishing victim and blame your business.

GDPR Proof

Businesses must check communication consents before any interaction with customer all around the world. If your business can communicate with a customer who didn’t allow, you may be fined.

Global Warming

Your business creates millions of copies for a newsletter and those copies are stored somewhere on the world. As long as they are stored in inboxes, it doesn’t matter whether they are read or unread, they cause a mess and global warming.

Limitation of Engagement

Businesses often communicate with their existing customers as long as customers allowed. Businesses can’t reach more people through traditional email marketing. Because people rarely forward an email to a friend these days.

New Era Begins

While emails are read within a week, we deliver your emails to your followers through our mobile apps, and inform them by sending push notifications. It’s almost real time and in average, 40% of push notifications are read within an hour and there is no way to drop in spam folder.

In comparison to traditional email marketing, this is amazing!

Benefits of Push

Push notifications have definitely more benefits. Delivery rate is above 90% which is more than emails! Opening rate is 50% + email’s opening rate. Click rate is 7x more than email’s click rate.

We will make it even better for you to engage with your followers through segmentation.

Cost of Maintenance

Your business may already have a mobile app there may be some user growth so far. Businesses often build their mobile apps. However, it has costs such as maintenance, server, bug fixes, technical debts, data privacy & security, user experience improvements...

You don’t need to deal with all these things. We constantly improve the platform for you. All you need to do is to create great relationship with your customers.

Reach More People

As a business, you will focus on good contents and creating great relationships with your customers, followers on the platform. When you make your customers, followers happy, they will give a like to your newsletter and there will be a chance to become a trending newsletter which has seen by more people. If you can manage it, you can impress even more people than your existing list of customers.

How to collect leads?

It’s pretty simple. We will give you a badge. You will need to remove existing “subscribe to our newsletter” section and embed a piece of code into your website. Whenever your visitors are interested in hearing your newsletters, they will follow you with just 1 click. There will be no technical integration.

You will never know who are your followers and you will never worry about data privacy, their consents anymore. Whenever we forward traffic to your website, we will just notify you with a referral keyword. So you can measure the effectiveness of your newsletters from your analytics.

How can I engage ?

As a business, you will just need to prepare a good newsletter. Then send it to us via email or you can use our drag-and-drop builder tool and publish directly. All you need is a good newsletter.

I have physical store

Similarly, we will give you a badge which you can print out and stick it on showcase window or anywhere your customers will look at. It’s going to include a QR code which can be scanned through our mobile apps. Customers will be able to follow your business without sharing their personal data with you, and never worry about data privacy or any other regulations. You can anytime perform a marketing campaign for them and generate traffic to your business or website.

This feature is on the roadmap.

GDPR and CCPA proof

Both GDPR and CCPT regulations force businesses to ask for consumers’ consent for marketing communication and protect consumers’ data from attacks, data breaches. However, there is no single place to manage communication permissions and attackers steal consumers’ data from companies, even tech giants!

Make your primary communication channel with your customers to protect reputation of your business and your customers from potential threats on behalf of you.

Pricing Plans

First 1000 businesses will be joining us in Beta with exclusive long term benefits.

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1 free + 13 newsletters per week
50.000 Transactional Use of API

Join the new era

People hate receiving hundreds of emails everyday. Replacing email marketing strategy will help you to gain more traffic towards to your business. Traditional email marketing is dead. If your emails start disturbing people even if they give you consent, they will mark your mails spam and you’ll need to deal with another technical complex issues. We are here to change the future, apply now!

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